Defense Minister: the Smugglers tried to export to the EU more than 80 boxes of cigarettes

Госпогранслужба: Контрабандисты пытались вывезти в ЕС более 80 ящиков сигарет

During the last day border guards of Chernivtsi and Mukachevo detachments prevented the cross-border movement of more than 80 boxes of contraband cigarettes. About it reports a press-state frontier service service.

“All contraband goods – which is 81 box of cigarettes without excise stamps of Ukraine, delivered to the departments of a border service “Krasnoilsk” and “Forks””, – stated in the message Department.

According to the Ministry, the night response team from the Department “Krasnoilsk” on the trail of offenders. The latter tried to overcome the engineering boom. Noticing the guards, the offenders fled, leaving their goods – 27 boxes of cigarettes.

It is noted that one smuggler was detained.

Also, the Ministry said on the same lot as the guards with the help of thermal imager found some smugglers.

“Offenders, realizing that caught, and to avoid responsibility, has left 18 boxes of cigarettes and fled. In the course of further search of smugglers, the border guards found a hiding place, which was another 18 boxes of cigarettes”, – added in Department.

In state frontier service noted that last night, 6 August, the soldiers of the division “Vilok” of Mukachevo detachment, while patrolling the state border found hidden in the bushes 18 boxes of illicit cigarettes.

“In neighboring Hungary to deliver the contraband malefactors planned across the water channel Botar, which forms the border”, – added in Department.

It is reported that now the search continues for the persons involved in these offences, persons, and contraband found will be transferred to the SFS.

Through the Ukrainian border are often trying to smuggle contraband cigarettes into the EU. In June of this year, law enforcement officers blocked cigarette smuggling from Transnistria to Ukraine, which later was going to fly to European Union countries.

To combat smuggling, the Cabinet approved the action plan on fight against smuggling and shadow schemes at the border. According to the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, the state budget revenues from the smuggling can make 70-100 billion.

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