Delayed flights:$ 65 Million unclaimed each year by canadian travellers

Vols retardés: 65 M$ non réclamés chaque année par les voyageurs canadiens

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Without knowing it, canadian travellers let fly each year, more than $ 65 million in indemnity costs not claimed for flights of aircraft delay at departure or from Europe.

“Despite strict laws that protect the travelers, it was noticed that the airlines rejected many of the claims without reason or did not respond to the complaints of their customers,” says the head of the legal department of AirHelp, Christian Nielsen.

The american firm, AirHelp, which now offers its services in Canada, indicates that 109 000 domestic passenger departing to or from Europe have had disadvantages with their flights last year.

These interruptions have been estimated to be in excess of $ 65 million in compensation to passengers who, in many cases, are unaware of the amounts to which they are entitled.

The european legislation (Law EC261) provides that compensation to be very accurate in case of delay of flight must be paid for each passenger. The compensations can reach up to 899 CDN $per passenger.

For a commission that can go up to 35 %, AirHelp helps passengers to claim their compensation through its website and its application.

Flights to or from the United States may also obtain compensation, says AirHelp.

In the case of an overbooking or a flight is delayed more than four hours, a passenger may receive up to 1634 CDN $for a us carrier.

Since 2013, AirHelp (present in 30 countries) said to have enabled more than 5 million passengers to claim 477 million in claims to the airlines.

Soon a charter in Canada

The arrival of AirHelp in Canada is not coincidence. Canada prepares to adopt a charter of passenger rights announced for some time by the federal minister of Transport, Marc Garneau.

If all goes as planned, Ottawa will impose clear standards for air carriers and compensation in cases of overbooking and delays.

Examples of compensation in Europe

Inside Europe

  • Up to 1500 km : 250 eur
  • More than 1500 km : € 400

Between Europe and another continent

  • Up to 1500 km : 250 eur
  • Of 1500 to 3500 km : € 400
  • More than 3500 km : 600 euros