Dentistry and international law: Called the top 10 specialties that were chosen by the entrants with the highest scores on EIT

Стоматология и международное право: Назвали топ-10 специальностей, которые выбрали абитуриенты с наивысшими баллами по ВНО

The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych has named the top 10 occupations, which this year enrolled in institutions of higher education entrants with the highest scores according to the results of external independent testing.

“Top 10 professions where you’re going children with the highest scores for testing. The highest passing scores was at the dentist (193,4), international law (193), international relations, public communication and regional studies (192), management of socio-cultural activities (188,5), international economic relations (186,7), journalism (186,2), political science (186), history and archaeology (184,5), pharmacy (at 184, 3) and cultural studies (184,2)”, she said.

Recall, for admission to institutions of higher education to obtain the educational degrees of the bachelor in 2018 have submitted 146 85 thousand students. According to the results of external independent assessment of 222 participants were able to get the maximum score for the test.

In April, the Ministry of education announced the number of budget places in universities in 2018 – 191,1 thousand.

The lists of candidates to the budget places in universities were made public on 2 August. In particular, the recommendations received 58 875 applicants for a bachelor’s degree (master in medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical direction).

As said Grinevich, only until 6 August your documents to the universities filed and was credited to the budget places 51 252 people.

Now undergoing a transfer to a vacant space budget. It needs to be completed on August 18.

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