Deputy head of SBU Demchina revealed the plan to the NEB to blackmail officials of the national Bank.

First Deputy head of the security Service of Ukraine Pavel Demchina released illegal plan of NABOO, the purpose of which was blackmail of employees of the National Bank.

On this scenario, the detectives, he said in a statement filed to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, said the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya on his page in Facebook, reports “Obozrevatel“.

In addition, she has published a copy of the application, as well as a photo of the criminal plan, which is available to Demkina.

“In the safe of one of the employees of the NABOO had seized the envelope, which was a plan to compromise an employee of the NBU. According to him, representatives of the NAB was to create the conditions to experience the specified officer by the artificial creation of a traffic accident with his participation, and the further invitation in catering establishments for consumption of alcoholic beverages, ostensibly to resolve issues of compensation for the damage caused during an accident. After the use of alcohol by employees of the NABU was planned to provoke an employee of the NBU to engage in intimate relations with a pre-chosen person to carry out the video recording of premarital sexual relations,” the document says.

According to him, the information he learned during the investigation of illegal actions of the NEB. However, the Agency has made a number of efforts to scandalous materials, blacken their reputation, was seized of criminal proceedings.

As reported previously Demkina told that the NAB has prepared him unfounded suspicion of illicit enrichment. In this regard, he filed a complaint with the attorney General.

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