Detaining a citizen of Slovakia, who fought on the side of Russian terrorists

In Ilovays'k
In Ilovays’k

In Ilovays’k arrested a citizen of the European Union, which fought on the side of a mortar Russian terrorists. On August 19 is his page in Facebookpovidomyv Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Heraschenko.
“Near the locomotive depot, the” Ilovajskij “was arrested (Warning) – a citizen of the European Union, a Serb by birth – Miroslav Rohach having the nationality of the Slovak Republic, born in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). During his passport found in Slovakia with a note on crossing 07.03.2014 Ukraine border, the airport “Juliani,” – wrote Heraschaenko.
“He was in a mortar terrorists. Said that supposedly came to Ukraine not as a mercenary, and conviction. This version checks investigation. … This is the first documented capture of a citizen of the European Union, who are fighting on the side of terrorists” – said Interior Minister Counselor, reporting on the progress of the militants released Ilovays’k.
As you know, on Monday battalion “Donbass” also included the city of Ilovaysk last key point on the way to Donetsk.
It was reported earlier that the military forces of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) entered the Lugansk and conduct cleaning of the city in the east of the militants.
Recall some European countries refused to Ukraine in military aid to counter Russian aggression.

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