Determined by the best men the signs of the zodiac

Определены лучшие мужья по знакам зодиака

To marry someone?

The choice of a partner for life requires a serious approach. Of course, rely on the feelings that you have for the chosen.

Astrologers say that how a person will behave in marriage largely determines the zodiac sign under which he was born, reports

12th — Pisces

The sign is hypersensitivity and doing to solve problems in the relationship. In relationships, he skillfully pretends that does not understand what is happening. If he’s interested in you, then you will have to show their attention to it very directly, but without pressure and provocations — can startle.

11 — Gemini

The companions of the two-faced Twins, you must have infinite patience, a lot of mental strength and always ready to support and encourage your partner to strengthen his confidence as a man. You must become for him a kind of second mother.

10th place — Aquarius

Aquarians try to avoid attachment, they prefer an open relationship, he doesn’t want anyone to belong to. To win Aquarius man, you must be at the same time be in the role of a friend, a lover, and a wise counselor, and to be independent. If this prospect does not bother you, then go for it!

9th place — Taurus

Taurus is almost perfect candidates for the role of lovers, however, as soon as the time is appropriate for more formal relations, all their ardor of the moment disappears. However, if you have a pair with him, then Taurus will eventually become proprietary features: deep down he was terribly afraid that you leave him.

8th place — Virgo

Virgo — true romance. They require the same kind of partner as they are smart and pragmatic woman who needs a stable, long and lasting relationship. If you’re not afraid to get bored in a marriage and are willing to tolerate some of the tediousness of your spouse, then do not hesitate — it is perfect for you, because if a virgin marries, then most likely it’s forever.

7th place — Aries

Bright and charismatic Aries likes to compete, so if you want to see him at your feet, it become the most this unapproachable Princess in a high tower. This man just gets more exactly what he is unavailable and he will be ready to sacrifice all the treasures of the world to see his woman.

6th place — Sagittarius

The archers is not a romance, but it is this brutality and attracted to women. His dignity — honesty, integrity and an endless respect for the opposite sex. If you’re planning to enter into a long-term relationship with a male Archer, in his faithfulness, generosity and patience, there is no doubt.

5th place — Cancer

The surest sign of the zodiac. If you manage to fall in love with Cancer, you’re literally going to be on a pedestal like a Queen, to bathe in the attention and admiration. Remember that this man is not prone to stereotypical don Juan’s exploits: if he likes you he will be cared for delicately and carefully.

4th place — Leo

The Lion has great taste, he understands what is luxury, and if he laid eyes on you, consider it already as a compliment. Lions are generous and gentle, always striving to deliver the girl pleasure. If you want to be the companion of a man-Lion, learn to read his thoughts: he can’t tell what is happening inside him and that he really needs.

3rd place — Capricorn

Opens the three leaders of the pragmatic and serious Capricorn. In a relationship, he is looking for a complete contrast — a bright, active and easy going companion that would perfectly complement him and to withdraw from the routine of life. With such a reliable man as a Capricorn, you can easily feel like a pamper Princess.

2nd place — Scorpio

If he is in love, talking about real, deep affection. For Scorpio love is more important than all the material circumstances and difficulties. Scorpions deep down, little children, and he will suffer if you do without it, at least step. For their relationship he is able to fight, puts the interests of the couple above all else.

1st place — Libra

The place of honour winner get Libra — smart, with a great sense of humor and diplomatic character, which smooths out all the sharp corners in your relationship. Love’s important, and marriage commitments it does not bother, on the contrary, his family is the most important.