Didn’t want to pay for the goods In Kharkov, police shot and killed a man in a supermarket

Не хотел платить за товар: В Харькове полицейский застрелил мужчину в супермаркете

In one of supermarkets of Kharkov there was an emergency, which was stabbed and a police officer was fatally shot by one of the buyers. About it reports a press-service of the local police.

According to the report, yesterday evening a policeman of a platoon of protection of objects, while serving in the building of the supermarket on the street Shevchenko received from the security information store that a customer refuses to pay for the goods.

A police officer approached the man, introduced himself and offered to resolve the conflict in the framework of the current legislation and wait for the arrival of the police. However, being on the premises of a supermarket, the buyer suddenly attacked a policeman and inflicted several stab wounds. It was forced to use a service firearm and shot the attacker.

They were both hospitalized. “At night, 24-year-old man died. Health 25-year-old police officer stable”, – underlined in the message.

Now the details of the event are brought in the Magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages of the Kiev police Department of the city. Continues the test.

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