Died a famous jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove

Скончался известный джазовый трубач Рой Харгроув

In the United States 50-th year of life died a famous jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove, The New York Times reported.

“…Roy Hargrove died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 49 years”, – stated in the message.

This clarifies that the cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by kidney disease, which he suffered the last 13 years.

Roy Hargrove was born 16 October 1969 in the American city Veiko.

Musical talent it saw in early childhood, parents encouraged classes of son music. Hargrove graduated from the Higher school of the performing arts in Dallas and the prestigious music College Berklee in Boston.

His first solo album “Diamond in the Rough” released in 1990. Six times was nominated for a Grammy award and was twice winner – in 1998 and 2002.

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