Died Christine Keeler, had destroyed a military career Minister

Participant of the loudest “dismissal” of the Minister of defence of great Britain, Christine Keeler, at the age of 75 years died in a hospital in England from severe lung disease.


In 1963, a young model and actress was nicknamed “Mata Hari 60-s” for suspicion of involvement in espionage in the UK. Defense Minister war John Profumo was seen with 19-year-old model Christine Keeler. Later the girl was accused of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union, but the Minister called for responsibility. However, the investigation found no tangible evidence linking Christine to espionage activities. But the war John Profumo was forced to resign urgently in love Affairs with the young beauty.

In addition to the Minister of defence his position and left Prime Minister of Britain Harold Macmillan. This incident greatly undermined the credibility of conservatives were then in power, and shortly thereafter, in 1964, to the managerial helm came the labour party.