Died Matthew Mellon, who earned a billion on bitcoin

From Mexico came news of the death of Matthew Mellon, who made a billion on bitcoin. The representative of the dynasty of the American bankers died at age 54 in Cancun, where he was treated for drug addiction at a local rehabilitation center.

On the death of Mellon said his cousin, however, information about disease Matthew neither confirmed nor denied. Heir to a famous dynasty, a few months before his departure from life was successfully engaged in speculation on the stock exchange of cryptocurrency and in a short time managed to get into the appropriate five of Forbes magazine.

Mallon was a descendant of the American judges of Irish descent Thomas Mellon, founder of a financial company, Mellon Financial Corporation, which 10 years ago was included in the group Bank of New York. Now a holding company called The Bank of New York Mellon and has assets of 11 billion $ 500 million. Matthew was twice married, he left three heirs.