Died Stanislav Govorukhin: the best films of cult Director

Умер Станислав Говорухин: лучшие фильмы культового режиссера

Due to health problems Stanislav ceased to shoot in 2015

In Moscow on 83 year of life has died Stanislav Govorukhin – actor, Director, writer, public and political figure. During the active creative work Stanislav has directed over twenty films, and he often appeared on screen as an actor.

Stanislav Govorukhin was often called one of the most daring and original Directors of his time. He was not afraid to experiment with genres, raising sharp social and political issues. As a result, almost every new movie the Director was masterpiece.

Due to health problems Stanislav ceased to shoot in 2015.

Podrobnosti.ua remember the best films of Stanislav Govorukhin which has already become classics of Russian cinema.



A feature film about a group of climbers going to storm the Caucasian unconquered peaks. It was with this film began the national glory of Vladimir Vysotsky.

“The meeting place cannot be changed”


Series TV movie based on the novel brothers Weiner “Era of mercy”, talks about the fight against banditry in the postwar period.

“Ten little Indians”


The two-part film based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

“The end of a great era”


Adaptation of several short stories of Sergei Dovlatov from the collection of “Compromise”. This film won four awards “Nika”, including the award went to Stanislav Govorukhin for best Director.

“Voroshilov sharpshooter”


The main hero of the tape is retired Ivan Afonin. Learning that his granddaughter brutally raped, he aims by all means to achieve justice.

We will remind,on Thursday, June 14, died a famous Russian Director Stanislav Govorukhin.