Died Ukrainian dissident and a political prisoner Yuri Baze

Скончался украинский диссидент и политзаключенный Юрий Бадзё

1 September in Kiev died, Yuri Baze – Ukrainian literary critic, publicist, public figure, member of the national democratic movement in Ukraine in the beginning of 1960-ies, a former political prisoner. He was 82 years old.

This “Historical truth,” said former political prisoner of the Soviet concentration camps, the historian of the dissident movement Vasyl Ovsiyenko.

He was born Yuri Baja 25 April 1936 in the village of kopynivtsi mukachivs’kyi district, Transcarpathian region. He graduated from the philological faculty of Uzhhorod state University.

For participation in Shevchenko’s evenings and protest against political arrests during the premiere of Sergei Paradzhanov’s “shadows of forgotten ancestors” in August 1965 he was dismissed from work.

For this and for refusing to renounce his position, Baze expelled from the Communist party, was fired from the Institute of literature, gradually deprived of the opportunity to work not only in profession but also in the intellectual sphere in General, administratively pursued. The last five years before his arrest, the scientist worked as a loader in a bread shop.

Wrote the work “the Right to live” about the colonial situation of Ukraine, the manuscript of which (1,400 pages) was stolen. On charges of anti-Soviet propaganda Minister Baze condemned 12 Dec 1979 7 years imprisonment, which he served in a camp in Mordovia. There Baze participated in political strike during the Moscow Olympics, held hunger strikes, wrote statements in state Supreme court criticizing the government. In July 1980, the West posted Baze protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

For what refused to write a request for release, it was released only on 9 December 1988.

Yuri Baze has written many articles, appeals and statements about the Ukrainian writers of translations from German language periodicals.

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