Died Ukrainian journalist Inna Zhmud

Умерла украинская журналистка Инна Жмуд

Died Ukrainian journalist, the editor of the TV channel ICTV Inna Zhmud. This was reported by her colleagues at Facebook.

Inna Zhmud worked as editor of “Facts”. Last year she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, treatment of which in Ukraine is not carried out. Was organized to raise funds for treatment abroad. In Ukraine she had two operations in Germany, she underwent several courses of chemotherapy.

Your last post in Facebook Inna Zhmud wrote on 6 November: “Today I realized one thing: sometimes it’s better something just don’t know. In order not to cheat yourself. In order not to cry. To not think about the bad. Just don’t know. Because it’s so hard… And so on. You are a strong, courageous, blah blah… but…”.

The death occurred on 8 November. She was 35 years old.

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