Dima Bilan took Rostov-on-don, psychedelic video

Popular singer Dima Bilan took psychedelic video from the tour, edited by himself. The artist decided to share with fans paintings that fall into his field of vision when he passes through the cities. Relevant post he posted on his Instagram.


According to Bilan, the filming of the video was published he was with the team driving for 400 km Before the eyes of the fans on the video views of Rostov cats that roam the streets, kissing young couple at the bus stop, and worker involved repair. In addition, subscribers stars can see the streams of cars and tall buildings.

In fact, Dima Bilan said that his video is called “Arthouse tour psychedelic”. Most users do not come in delight from this video, but found those who stood on the side of the artist, expressing the view that the singer just had nothing to do and he wanted to entertain himself, his team and the audience. Because of this, his hands came the camera and on the page in the social network – the corresponding video.