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Директор Білого дому попросив вибачення

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Perignon policy. Director Blogo home s torgovelno policy Peter Navarro pereproshit for your claim about those, scho kanadski Prem courier Justn Trudeau sakugawa “osobliva the meeting place at PECL”. Saying so scho, movlyav, hotv nadsilati “signal Seeley”, ale pdev Nidal words.

Foretold, after the completion samtu “Veliko SMCI” noprint view from the past tyzhden Peter Navarro in EPR channel “Fox News” stating scho, “ye PECL osobliva the meeting place for inozemnih lderv, that amyraut diplomacy trade, schodo President trump”. So he, in particular, prokomentiroval press-conference Jasta Trudeau, yaky Prem courier raskritikovav amerikansk torgovelne of mit on steel that alumni.