Director WIM Wenders is sure that smartphones are killing the art of photography

Режиссер Вим Вендерс уверен, что смартфоны убивают искусство фотографии

Renowned German filmmaker and photographer WIM Wenders (“wings of desire”, “Paris, Texas”, “Dip”) stated that the pictures taken on the smartphone, have nothing to do with the art of photography. This he told the BBC during his Polaroids exhibition Instant Stories.

“I believe that everyone is a photographer. We create billions of photos. So the photo is more alive than ever. And at the same time – she’s deader than ever,” said the Director.

The reason for this, according to Wenders, is that people often do not revise or print the pictures taken on the smartphone.

Also, the Director is skeptical about the filters and special applications that allow you to manipulate photos. In his opinion, less than the author means, the more creative he becomes.

“Selfie is not a picture, just like when you look in the mirror is not the act of photographing,” said Wenders.

Summing up, the Director said about creating snapshots on a smartphone: “I’m looking for a word for this new activity, which is similar to the photo, but wasn’t her anymore”.

He started studying photography in the early 70’s, when filming his movie “Alice in the cities”. The main protagonist is a photographer. Also the representatives of this profession dedicated to the tape of Wenders “Palermo Shooting” and “Salt of the earth”. The latter was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

As previously reported, named the best pictures of the year by the photo contest wildlife The Nature Conservancy.

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