Disadvantaged by his coach, Édouard Lagacé of “The Voice” goes into the semi-finals with the public

Désavantagé par son coach, Édouard Lagacé de «La Voix» passe en demi-finale grâce au public

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Against all odds, Édouard Lagacé became the first semi-finalist of the team of Alex Nevsky, at the end of the first quarter-final of The Voice.

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Even if his coach had accorded him the lowest score of these three candidates, Édouard Lagacé has managed to slip away with the victory… all of it, thanks to the public vote.

Edward is, in fact, was awarded 32 points by coach Alex, compared to 35 for Cherry Lena and 33 for the rapper Mario Cyr. In his case, it is the popular vote that made the difference.

It is a well deserved win for Édouard Lagacé, which has been very good during this first quarter-final.

Her cover of the song there is so much to do, Daniel Bélanger, was obviously pleased the fans of the show.


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