Dismantling of a network of poachers in the Mauricie region

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SHAWINIGAN – A quarantine of hunters, fishermen and customers are covered by a total of 70 counts of poaching in the Mauricie region.

According to the ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks, the suspects were primarily in the Mauricie region, including the lake Saint-Pierre and the side of Yamachiche and Louiseville.

The charges include the illegal possession and capture of a number higher than the catch limits, as well as the use of live bait.

No fewer than 36 people have been identified in the course of the investigation Cormorant, which has mobilized more than 60 officers of the wildlife. They have monitored the network of poachers, for about three years. “These are all people who, near or far, know each other,” said sergeant Barry Brisebois, of the department of Wildlife, who spoke of “a puzzle of 1000 pieces” to speak of the complexity of the investigation.

The group was interested in the both of wild game and fish, including catches of ducks, goose, geese, wild turkeys, coyotes, deer, moose, black bear, walleyes and perch.

Hunters and fishermen harvesting their catch for their own consumption or to sell to their relatives, consider Wildlife officers.

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