Displaced persons with disabilities provide rehabilitation facilities and services for the actual place of residence

social protection
social protection

Government at its meeting on August 6 adopted a resolution which amended the Procedure provide disabled children with disabilities and rehabilitation services, as well as the Order of providing technical and other means of rehabilitation of the disabled, children with disabilities and other specific categories.
This was after a Cabinet meeting said Minister for Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova.

Now, in the absence of the citizens who migrated from the area of ​​counter-terrorism operations, documents confirming the right to rehabilitation facilities and services, the social protection organizes its implementation on the basis of relevant information to the centralized data on disability. If the database it is not, the body will turn to social protection necessary documents by registered place of residence or stay of persons with disabilities.
As for immigrants with temporarily occupied territory (ARC), the bodies of social protection of the population will help in getting the necessary documents for the actual place of residence or stay in their respective health facilities (referred in particular to the expert opinion of disability and individual rehabilitation program – Ed.) as well as regulatory agencies (for ID – Ed.).
“To get technical means of rehabilitation or rehabilitation services, migrant should contact your local Social Welfare. Relevant Authority Review your individual documents, and in their absence – to assist in getting” – explained the Minister.

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