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A few years ago, Christophe Dubé, aka Cry, struggled to make ends meet, and ate little more than rice or lentils. Now, the musical is a well-known face in the electronic scene and has been racking up successes, here as well as internationally.

Well before you make the crowd dancing to the Piknic Electronik on his beats, the young Cree was doing a beatbox for his friends rappers. “I quickly realized that I loved the music and so I founded, with some friends, a rap group, Leaves, and Roots.” The native of Quebec was providing the tunes and lent her voice to several songs, but he finally turned to the computer keyboard from his parents to learn the basics of music production. “I had a friend who was a producer and this world fascinated me. Then, I tried my shot and I got hooked instantly.”

At the time, Christophe was a model student in political science at the Université Laval. “I had access to scholarships and I was one of the best students of my cohort, but it depressed me at the highest point.” The pressure to stay in school despite the revulsion for the program was felt to the house. “My father is a professor at the university and he was proud that his son follow in his footsteps, sort of. Therefore, my choice to let go of everything was not enchanted at all.”

Not knowing too much where the life took, he dug up a job delivering pizza. “At the age of 21, I was picking up to put the bacon on plates and serve pizza to the four corners of the city all day long, and I was making music in my free time.” This will be his daily for almost a year and a half before his mother brought him to the order. “She pushed me to leave my job and leave home to go study in music. I moved to Montreal shortly after to start studying digital music at the University of Montreal.”

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Invest in his dream

Master the proper techniques to create pieces eye-catching is not done from one day to the next day for the music producer. “When my first EP came out in 2013, I didn’t know how to make a c on a piano.” In spite of everything, his love of electronic rhythms did not cease to grow, as his career ambitions. “I’ve always been someone enterprising. Even if I had not the slightest idea of what I was doing at the musical level, I’ve always pushed for my project advance.”

The producer has quickly learned the basics of reading music to “play real music with real instruments” and thus fine-tune his knowledge. He has also invested a large sum in the purchase of equipment its quality, in the aim of making more benefits live. “My set-up is not yet optimal, and I have spent about $ 20,000 in the past few years for that.”

Christophe doesn’t hide it: he would never be where it is today without the support of his mother. “She supported me financially for years, because she wanted to encourage me to do what I love. It has allowed me to focus on my job and start my career seriously.”


Living out of his art… and the pub

The money has been slow to arrive in the pockets of the musician. “I lived with $ 500 per month for four years.” “In 2017, I made a pretty good salary, but the bulk of the amount was used to repay debt.” Although its business will go a good pace today, the artist has no choice but to turn to the advertising and the music to the image to ensure inflow of additional money. “It is literally half of what I earn annually. My project Cry is still a deficit to this day.” He invests in his career as an artist earned money with his advertising contracts.

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Undeterred, the producer of 28 years, sees the future with a good eye. “Yes, there are always difficult moments, but I’m starting to really perceive the fruit of my efforts,” says the one who has been selected in the category of electronic album at the gala of the Juno awards last year. The artist has also done the first part of Moderat, a group that he idolized since his teens and participated in many festivals, including the Festival international de jazz de Montréal and the Quebec city summer Festival.

More recently, he has been able to develop business relationships with the biggest names of the music in Los Angeles, for an album project. “I was in front of the building of the Capitol Records building where the Beatles had recorded a few albums, and I found it quite amazing that my dream of being a teenager materializes that way.” He cherishes also the dream of having his own record label in a distant future.

For all those who want to launch their career in music, Christopher has only one advice: work tirelessly. “It’s been six years that I have been doing 50 to 60 hours per week and that the recording studio is my second home. This is it, the secret to pierce: it is necessary to have the flame!”

His recent collaboration with Charlotte Cardin, where they took a classic Daniel Bélanger.