The “DNR” want to make “general discussion” question of the death penalty

To implement such a punishment, the opinion kerivnytsstva “DNR” need appropriate legal framework.
The power of the so-called “DNR” plans to bring the general discussion on the implementation of the death penalty. The press center “republic” with reference to “Secretary of the Security Council of the NPT” Alexander Khodakovsky.

The question of the possibility of the death penalty was officially introduced on the territory of the NPT can be put to a general public discussion, said Khodakovsky.

“We have not had a single sentence, which would be enforced and would sound like” death penalty “- said Khodakovsky and added that the introduction of such punishment must be the legal framework.

“It is we just created and will be phased in. As an example, you can call the recently adopted on first reading by the Council of People’s Act,” Ministry of State Security, “which is being finalized,” – said Khodakovsky.

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