Do not rush: whether Ukraine by the example of the United States to move the Embassy to Jerusalem

Не спешить: нужно ли Украине по примеру США переносить посольство в Иерусалим

Do not rush: whether Ukraine by the example of the United States to move the Embassy to Jerusalem
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Photo: TASS

Today, may 14, in Jerusalem, the ceremony of opening the new U.S. Embassy in Israel, which moved from tel Aviv, Israel invited all countries to follow suit.

Trump to Jerusalem did not come

Himself Donald trump was not present at the event and will only appeal to the participants of the ceremony via video conference from Washington. USA in Jerusalem was represented by the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, daughter of an American leader Ivanka trump, and his son and senior adviser Jared Kushner. In addition to the American delegation at the ceremony was attended by delegations from more than 30 countries, among which were the representatives of Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine….

All these events are held under heightened security amid the protests of Palestinians against the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The IDF declared the area adjacent to the Gaza territory on the border with the Jewish state “closed military zone”. The approach of members of the Palestinian protests to this zone, are suppressed by fire from the Israeli side. At least 37 Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded man on may 14, according to DW.

U.S. allies against

Ordinary at first glance, a diplomatic event that has become one of the key issues of the whole middle East policy. The opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem was a consequence of the recognition by the President of the United States Donald trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

It is opposed by the Palestinians who also consider Jerusalem their capital, and European countries. They fear that thus would upset the delicate peace in the middle East between Palestinians and Israelis.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling to declare null and void the decision of the President of the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The UN General Assembly also called upon States not to open a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on other countries to move its Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He stressed that solidarity with the United States already showed a few countries, such as Guatemala and Paraguay. In the near future they can follow the example of Washington and several other States, which the Prime Minister did not name.

What Ukraine

Ukraine in this situation are in a difficult position. Kiev will have to choose between the United States and strained relations with the Arab world. On the one hand, States – the main ally of Kiev and the Ukrainian delegation attended the opening ceremony of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. And to spoil the relations of Kiev with Israel, which is the main US ally in the region is also fraught with negative consequences.

And on the other side, now the Ukrainian authorities now have to react to the call of Israel to move Embassy to Jerusalem. But it is fraught with complications not only Arab but all Muslim world.

The Ukrainian diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko considers that before taking a decision, the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs have to think very carefully and not rush to solutions.

– Now there are at least two problems of transfer of the Ukrainian Embassy to Jerusalem. The first level of our relationship with Israel. That is, you need to decide whether it is a strategic ground that the appeals which we cannot ignore, the diplomat said the “KP in Ukraine”.

The second problem, he said, is the level of Ukrainian capacity to transfer its Embassy to Jerusalem. “It is difficult from a financial point of view and security. After all, Ukraine is in Jerusalem has no diplomatic presence in the form of consulates and all have to do from scratch. And whether the government of Israel to guarantee the security of our Embassy in case of transfer from the threat of Arab radicals?” – asks questions Bohdan Yaremenko.

And besides, you need to wait and consider the reaction of other allies and partners of Ukraine on the call about moving embassies to Jerusalem. “If they ignore this, then Ukraine will not have to rush ahead of the rest. If Netanyahu’s call was only to Ukraine, but Kiev would have ignored it, it was already move. But if for all, then you can not hurry”, – the expert believes.

The Western press

Financial Times

Having made the symbolic transfer of the Embassy from tel Aviv, US President, Donald trump, contrary to long-standing international consensus will reverse seven decades of American policy and destroy hopes for a settlement on the basis of creating two States – at least in the eyes of the Palestinians. Palestinian leaders have warned that the opening of the Embassy will be accompanied by further large-scale protests.