Do you recognize this pretty little girl become an actress ?

It has not changed !

On the occasion of the international Day of the girl, the stars sway of old photos. For the good cause.

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In this respect, the expression of a mini-me apply without hesitation. On his account Instagram, this young French actress has taken advantage of the international Day of the girl – Since 2011, on October 11, promotes girls ‘ human rights by highlighting the inequalities and other discriminations suffered by young people – to celebrate the girl that she was. Unlike other sisters, she had the right to a happy childhood, to an education and has not suffered the worst evils such as female circumcision or forced marriage. A nice little smile, calling for the happiness that she has decided to immortalize the time of a photo-souvenir, which is part of the mobilization instigated by Plan France.

And it is clear that this girl with the soft eyes has not changed. Today actress to the poster of the comedy one for the other, it is a particularly shone in Under the same roof, The Girl from Monaco, Adèle Blanc-Sec, or even The love lasts three years, and A happy event, after having been Miss Weather in Le Grand Journal. You obviously recognized, this is the lovely Louise Bourgoin.

Louise Bourgoin – 10th Francophone Film festival of Angoulême in Angoulême, France, on 23 August 2017. © Coadic Guirec/Bestimage

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