Doctors called the TOP 5 threat of spring diseases

Doctors have carried out the analysis of morbidity of Russians called the TOP 5 spring disease. The causes of ailments called the variable weather and the susceptibility of a weakened organism to diseases. Fifth position has got pancreatitis.

Experts with the arrival of spring recommend that people pay more attention to their own health and to be observant in relation to their health. Known true was the people’s understanding of the duration of the recovery process, but not always, people focus on disease prevention. The fifth and the fourth place received a rating of pancreatitis and holetsistit. These diseases are typical for people who for a long period postovani, and with the arrival of Easter I decided to try all meats that are made on the occasion.

Promiscuity in food can cause serious illness and trigger the development of ulcers. The third position experts gave a seasonal disease ORVI. Its activation is associated with a lack of stable weather, which even confuses people in the choice of clothes and hats. The second place ranking the TOP 5 got a peptic ulcer that is associated with the fourth and fifth positions.

Gold rating physicians gave seasonal allergies, which affects the human condition in the period of flowering grasses and trees in the spring season. Alas, the pollen is easily transferred by wind over long distances.