Doctors confused the menopausal symptoms, and brain tumors

Karen Yardley for 2 years, suffered from insomnia, headaches, weakness in the legs and fatigue, but the doctors assured me that it is menopause. However, MRI revealed that the cause of her health was a meningioma.

At first, the mother of five children attempted to write off the constant weakness and headaches to tiredness. However, over time her health deteriorated and she was forced to go to a specialist. There the doctor told her that the weakness and headache are constant companions of menopause, and writing a hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants, and sent home. For 2 years Karen had been to countless specialists, but they advised her to accept the situation.

Gradually her condition worsened, and she fell into despair. After much pleading on his knees in front of the surgeon, he finally gave her a referral for an MRI where it was revealed that her head is growing meningioma, which has already reached the size of a Golf ball and was pressing on the optic nerve. After 3 months the woman had surgery, which removed part of the skull, and replaced it with a metal plate.

However, surgical intervention has not solved all of the problems of women, and she still feels weakness in the legs, which are periodically forced to move on a wheelchair.

The woman urged not to blame all symptoms on menopause, because of a brain tumor destroy human life.