Doctors have not confirmed a heart attack at the Director of RIA Novosti Ukraine Wyszynski

Медики не подтвердили инфаркт у директора РИА Новости Украина Вышинского

The medical examination confirmed infarction of the head, “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky. It will be delivered back to the Kherson city court for trial, said the speaker of the Crimean Prosecutor’s office Tatiana Tihonchik, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“Checked blood pressure, did an EKG. Everything is normal,” she said.

After doctors found no Wyszynski signs of a heart attack, he was taken back to court to continue consideration of the extension of his preventive measure – detention.

Earlier, the court session was postponed because of complaints Wyszynski to poor health. He said that “on the sensations suffered a heart attack”.

Kirill Vyshinsky was arrested may 15 on suspicion of treason. Two days later, on may 17, the Kherson city court arrested him for 2 months. Vyshinsky himself said that he refused from the citizenship of Ukraine, and asks for help from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The investigation alleges that in the spring of 2014, the General Director of MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev was appointed Wyszynski, head of the Ukrainian representative of this structure. Then the journalist went to the Crimea, where the task of the management of MIA “Russia today” has been directly involved in propaganda campaigns aimed at support of the annexation and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.

After the so-called referendum Vyshinsky returned to Kiev, where he attracted subordinates journalists to write materials in favor of “L/DNR”.

On 2 July the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko announced the names of 23 prisoners or detainees in Ukraine Russian citizens, among them Vyshinsky, which Kiev is ready to exchange for Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and annexed Crimea.

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