Doctors in Britain have confirmed the improvement of health Sergei Skripal

Health workers spoke about the condition of a poisoned ex-> Sergei Skripal. British experts have confirmed that it starts to get better the danger has passed.

Sergei Skripal Health markedly improved. He went into recovery after so many days of intensive care. His daughter Julia, who suffered from poisoning with unknown poison, together with his father, already a week ago, was discharged from the hospital. Male in his 60 years were strong enough. Apparently given his constant athletic training, as Sergei Skripal previously served in the GRU. A few months ago his daughter was found lifeless on a bench in Salisbury.

After hospitalization of two citizens diagnosed a poisoning with unknown poison. The British authorities at the same time began to suspect the Russian intelligence agencies in committing this outrageous act. On the background of this incident is hardly the case came to an international scandal.