Doctors to Chew sunflower seeds are deadly

Recently the doctors program “Rospotrebnadzor” NTV spoke about the common habit of biting the seeds. According to experts, lovers of this product is not just your health, but all of life at risk.

It is not only possible inflammation of the Appendix, but the high fat content of seeds, which affects the kidneys, and excess phosphorus is very dangerous for the brain. In addition, sunflower seed can live mold that produce aflatoxin. The latter contributes to the development of liver cancer.

If to speak about harm of seeds, the first thing it comes to the Appendix. In the latter are stimulated by microorganisms that are beneficial for health, namely for the intestinal microflora. In the Appendix very narrow passage that can be blocked not only by the husks of sunflower seeds, but even an ordinary grape seeds. After blocking the process of inflammation, and the organ to remove.

There is another dangerous feature of sunflower seeds is high calorie. It turns out that 100 grams of the product is 155% of the daily value. It turns out that they are high-calorie chocolate and pork. The roasted seeds have lots of fats. The sunflower seed and there is a lot of phosphorus. This substance adversely affects the kidneys, and the brain. It may narrow blood vessels, which leads to risk of heart attacks and strokes.

In 2017, scientists from the U.S. found that seeds can contain mold that produce aflatoxin, which leads to the development of liver cancer.