All doctors will Ternopil military service

likar-300x218In medical schools Ternopil resume military departments, and all doctors will be military service – these innovations start since the beginning of the fifteenth year of two thousand.

Most doctors who went to work in the anti-terrorist operation, have the status of volunteers, because Ukraine did not enter the military class. So in eastern Ukraine is a need for health professionals.

“In Ukraine, an armed conflict, so the question of military departments in medical schools has been revised. Decided to resume their work. However, in the Ternopil State Medical University. John Gorbachevskogo to that time and worked Military Department. Also on January military service will all doctors. Who sent to serve in the ATO will handle the military commissioners. All, of course, depends on how far will go armed conflict “, – said the director of the Department of Health RSA Vladimir chickens.

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