Donald trump has questioned the intellect of Robert De Niro

Дональд Трамп усомнился в интеллекте Роберта Де Ниро

The President of the United States Donald trump responded to the insult from the popular Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, who literally sent the White house “three letters” during the ceremony, theatre awards, the Tony awards. Review trump posted on his official page in social network Twitter.

“Robert De Niro is a man with a very low level of intelligence, he probably received too many blows to the head from real boxers during filming. I saw his speech and I thought he was drunk,” suggested the President.

Recall that Robert De Niro was consistent and sharp opponent of Donald trump long before he began to claim to the top post in the country. So, during the election campaign of Barack Obama in 2011, when trump publicly questioned the authenticity of American birth certificate to Obama, and hence his right to be President of the United States, De Niro called the statements of the billionaire “crazy.”

Later, he repeatedly criticized President trump and its control system and the internal and foreign policy of the United States administration.