Donetsk supervisors are rude to passengers and use force

Донецкие контролеры хамят пассажирам и применяют силу

Donetsk supervisors are rude to passengers and use force [Video]
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Officials insisted that the use of public transport will become more enjoyable.

In the center of Donetsk there was another conflict in public transport

The Internet is gaining views recorded on Tuesday the controversial video. Inspectors went to the salon Donetsk trolleybus No. 2 and began to check the tickets. What happened next does not fit in any frame, in a similar way, can act only Gopnik at the beer stand, but certainly not the employees of the utility on the Central route of Donetsk.

– Take it out! – roughly demanded the man in an orange vest from the passenger and added, seeing included on a mobile phone camera: – you know that You can grab for this? Now let’s go out and talk…

Then came the tremors and swearing, though the passenger has presented a ticket and remained polite. It later turned out that the controller learned of a young man – a week ago he successfully defended his rights and wrote a complaint for illegal restriction of freedom – embossing a fine, the inspectors would not let him go.

– I’m studying to be a lawyer, so the last time I showed them a student card, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the author of the video Dmitry Voitov. – Wanted to emphasize that I know the laws because I’m in law school. This fact greatly annoyed, therefore, during the second meeting, on Tuesday, they were screaming about the identity, immediately began to insult and pushed him out of the saloon across the street. All this time I was holding a validated ticket in hand!

In addition, the controller demanded an end to legitimate video and tried to snatch a mobile phone. Luckily, the beating never came, as Dmitry said he would call the police.

– We provide training and explain that to be rude under any circumstances it is impossible, – explained in KKP DGS “Nonelectrostatic”. – On this occasion to us nobody addressed, but if this treatment will be, the situation we analyze.

Conflicts with supervisors happen quite often. The people in the vests selected documents, threatening, rude and pull people out of the salon, but have no right even to touch the passengers, not to mention everything else. Sometimes it comes to blows.

Public transport in Donetsk is gradually disappearing from the conductors, replacing them with electronic ticket validators and vending machines selling tickets. The first thing the new system introduced on “the deuce”. Officials insisted that the use of public transport will become more pleasant, but the route was the most uncomfortable because of the controllers. Although “Nonelectrolyte” deny it, but to go but inspectors began to come here more often and not all of them comply with the law, sometimes engaging in undisguised extortion and violation of public order.

Review lawyer

– The controller has no right to use force to the passengers, to push or to withdraw from the salon, – says the lawyer Dmytro Korobko. – He can call the police, but I do not recall, as police often finds violations in the actions of the controllers, so they are afraid. The controller is an ordinary citizen, he has no right to take the documents or restrict the freedom of others, for such actions he may be under investigation. The only thing that could make the controller, it is polite to ask to show the ticket and pay the fine. At the same time, the passenger always have a choice, even if it went “a hare” – to pay a fine or get off at the next stop.

Video Dmitry VOJTOVA