Donor-hero posthumously donated organs for five terminally ill strangers

The heroic act of Jonathan Tweezer from Jerusalem saved the lives of five people who have inherited his organs. A year ago, the man signed the papers on the transplantation of their kidneys to a close friend, but a terrible accident a week ago took his life.

Doctors have fulfilled the last wish of Jonathan and his organs were “hope of a long life” to five people who suffered deadly diseases. The man was a posthumous donor on their own. Relatives of the hero saying that he has always lived for the people and even had a donor card ADI.

When Jonathan died, the family has decided to give his organs to people who are in danger of death. At the time of death of the man was only 35 years old. He was a kind and sympathetic person, always trying to help others, spent a lot of time with the children with disabilities. A week ago he had an accident, he was hospitalized in critical condition.

The doctors immediately realized that to save the life of Jonathan will fail, the chance to live the hero was not. The same chance the victim has provided the five terminally ill patients who thanks to the donated organs of Twizere began a new life.