Dress Marilyn Monroe of the most iconic films auctioned

Платья Мэрилин Монро из культовых фильмов выставили на аукцион

Dress Hollywood legends Marilyn Monroe with her photos put up for auction Profiles in History. This was reported on the website of the auction house.

Before personal belongings of the actress going under the hammer, they will present at the pre-auction exhibition. It will be held in Beverly hills starting on August 18. And the auction is scheduled for the end of October.

The number of lots entered the Monroe with a dedication signed by the Executive producer of the Studio twentieth Century Fox, Ben Lyon: “Dear Ben, you found me, named me and believed in me when no one else was able to do it. My gratitude and love forever. Marilyn”.

His real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson – actress has changed after moving to Hollywood. She took the maiden name of his mother is Monroe, and the name “Marilyn” offered her Ben Lyon.

This photo was taken during the filming of “seven year Itch” (1955). It was born classic image of Monroe holding the white dress is lifted up by the air stream from the hatch of the metro. The outfit also includes the number of lots. However for trading the script of this picture with personal notes Monroe.

Платья Мэрилин Монро из культовых фильмов выставили на аукцион

In this auction the new owners will also find childhood photos of the actress and 15 costumes that she wore in the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes, How to marry a millionaire” and other hits.

Recall, personal items of Marilyn Monroe are successfully sold at auctions around the world. For example, one of the most “honest” pictures of Marilyn Monroe went under the hammer in London for 77.5 thousand pounds. And the dress in which Monroe sang Happy Birthday on the birthday of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, was sold in Los Angeles for 4.8 million dollars.

As previously reported, in the United States plan to make a film with Marilyn Monroe where the actress will play a digital double.

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