Drug Control Code: Independence Square in Kiev did “drug-metadon”

The Russian drug control reported about the situation of drug trafficking in Ukraine and left many doubts about their sobriety.
In the Federal Service for Drug Control (Federal Drug Control Service) believe that addicts tested on the Square in Kyiv and fighting in the Donbas. This was stated by Director of Federal Drug Control Service Victor Ivanov.

“The problem of drug addiction in Ukraine has been left to the mercy of society, were quick to take advantage of this totalitarian sect, which in their networks lured many people, they are there” hoisted “on methadone (a synthetic analogue of heroin),” – said Ivanov.

He believes that drug-metadonschyky “essentially acted as cannon fodder on Independence and later in southeastern Ukraine.”

Note that Ivanov did not report on the situation of drug trafficking in and not told how the Federal Drug Control Service specialists use the confiscated goods.

Recall, the Russian media and officials have repeatedly caught on outright lies about the events in Ukraine, we can mention “replacement” teaching Russian to German schools Slavic, sales people in Ukraine “organs” and so on.

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