Drunk prank turned into problems with the law

jeepgcherokee92_2-300x218Three damaged vehicles – so ended drunken trip to a strange car for 26-year-old Buchach.

Now, in addition to considerable material damage compensation, the man will be punished under Part 1 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – misappropriation of the vehicle.

A statement about the theft to the police department employees Buchatsky turned 51-year-old resident of the district center. The man said that his friend stole a car brand «Jeep Grand Cherokee».

According to the victim, the suspect they were resting in one company. The man at some point went outside and did not return back. As it turned out, this time he got behind the wheel of someone else’s car and drove away. Make it was easy for the owner not only slammed by car, but left the keys in the ignition.

Long ride on someone else’s would-be thieves SUV failed. Drive a few miles, he caught two by car, standing on the sidelines. Fortunately, people are not affected. Cost all material losses.
Why hijacked by car 26-year-old could not explain buchachanyn. How to set law enforcement, driving someone else’s SUV he got drunk.

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