Due to the delay of the Kyiv city Council without electricity can stay 30 thousand customers.

The cable network of Kyiv are under the threat of termination of their functioning, because they are in poor condition and require urgent solutions from the Kiev government. This was reported by a source in the KSCA, write “deggie”.

“Only in August was 99 damaged cable lines 0.4-10 kV municipal form of ownership. Among these are cable lines 10 kV substation “Bastion“ – RA 412“ in the Central part of the city, the cable line of substation “VUM“ – RP 408 No. 2“ in Svyatoshinsky district,“ – said a source in the KSCA.

“According to the source, the damaged lines of communal ownership eats about 30 thousand residential customers and legal entities. In the end, due to damaged lines with the arrival of the heating season and increasing loads on the network without the light of the risk remaining 65 houses on Blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, I. Kudri St., St. Paul, St. staronavodnitskaya str Bolbochan, chigorina St., St. M. Primachenko, St. the Volunteer Battalions. In addition, under the threat of disconnection of power three halls of residence on St. Paul and St. Moscow; Istituto named after I. Bohun (bul. Lesia Ukrainka), 4 kindergartens Blvd. Lesia Ukrainka, staronavodnitskaya str. and Uritskogo, 2 school St. Rybalsky. “In Svyatoshinsky district may have to remain deenergized 62 high-rise buildings, nearly 8,700 consumers, 4 kindergartens. Also, the risk falls to 14 hospitals, Kyiv city Oncology center, Research center for radiation medicine, Center for bone marrow transplantation, Embassy of Germany, Israel, France, Austria,“ – said a source in the KSCA,” – writes the edition.

Recall that formally, these networks remain the property of “Kyivenergo“, which once passed into municipal property, no longer provides services to the residents and has no technical staff. On the emergency condition of the networks, the company “DTEK Kiev power“, which exploits the majority of other networks in the city, advised the city authorities in an official letter.

Since the above lines have communal ownership, they have the right to repair only the city or officially accredited technical contractor, which the city has not chosen. Recall, 3 July 2018 Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) has applied to the Kyiv city Council the draft decision No. 08/231-2180/PR, which is supposed to enable KSCA to sell the remaining in municipal ownership of electric network (15% of the power complex of Kyiv) for 444,4 million.

As 13.09.2018 KSCA has not considered the issue of privatization of the networks or the involvement of the company “DTEK Kiev power“ as a technical contractor.

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