Duncan Jones will take the series Murderous intentions on the novel by Tony Kent

Дункан Джонс снимет сериал Убийственные намерения по одноименному роману Тони Кента

Director Duncan Jones (Warcraft) will take the series “Deadly intentions” (Killer Intent) based on the novel by Tony Kent.

As reported by THR, the writer himself will adapt the book for the show along with a group of writers, and Jones will also perform co-produced the project through his company, Liberty Films, which acquired the rights to the novel before its released.

“Murderous intentions” tells the story of the intelligence officer Joe Dempsey, an Irish lawyer Michael Delvin and American broadcast journalist Sarah Truman. In London made an unsuccessful attempt, and the trio is embroiled in an international conspiracy. To survive, all three have to work together.

Note that this is the first novel in a series of thrillers about these characters, which the British press called required reading in 2018.

As previously reported, Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne star in the film about a serial killer based on the book by Charles Graber.

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