During the signing of the Minsk agreements Putin was nervous and threatened to crush the Ukrainian army, – the memoirs of Hollande

Во время подписания минских соглашений Путин нервничал и грозил раздавить украинскую армию, - мемуары Олланда

During the signing of the Minsk agreements in February 2015 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly raised his voice at each other. The Russian President has threatened to finally crush the Ukrainian army. This is stated in the book-the memoir “Lessons of power” Francois Hollande, excerpts from which were published in the edition “Tyzhden”.

“How not to remember the long night of 11 to 12 February 2015, which was held in a large soulless room of the Palace of Independence in Minsk, Belarus? It was in the midst of the crisis experienced by Ukraine after the ouster of Pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych over his refusal to sign the Association agreement with the EU,” Hollande wrote.

According to him, the first draft of the Minsk agreement, wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“She anyone, not even his counselors, did not allow to formulate the articles of agreement. She had a temperament and such a methodology: it is a very serious, diligent and attentive. Poroshenko with Putin is constantly raised her voice at each other. The Russian President was so nervous that she began to finally threaten to crush the army of his opponent. It showed that the Russian troops in the East of Ukraine. Putin caught himself and took himself in hand,” said former President of France.

He noted that Poroshenko defended the sovereignty of Ukraine, while Putin sought autonomy for rebel regions and wanted to delay the ceasefire for another three weeks.

“He was so inflexible that denied his direct connection with the leaders of the separatists, said if it could not decide for them, demanded, that to them consulted,” – said Francois Hollande.

In addition, he expressed the belief that in 2014, the militants shot down the plane of flight MH-17.

“A few months before the negotiations, in July 2014, a rocket fired by Pro-Russian rebels accidentally shot down in the Donetsk region the Malaysia Airlines plane, depriving the lives of 298 passengers, 80 of whom were children,” says the former French President.

According to him, in the morning, Vladimir Putin said that the need to consult with the leaders of the militants.

“At seven in the morning after a sleepless night, Putin will continue to cling to postpone the cease-fire for later. To achieve results, we argued the anti-Russian sanctions that have already proclaimed. He pretended not to understand or hear what we mean. In the end it was agreed that a ceasefire will come in four days, then withdrawal of heavy weapons and a prisoner exchange. The autonomy of the provinces otklonenii. Suddenly Putin said that it is necessary to consult with the leaders of the separatists. Their emissaries are also in Minsk. Where? In some hotel or in the neighboring office? At least we never saw,” wrote Hollande.

According to the memoirs, in 9 mornings it became known that the militants do not fit the agreement.

“Angela Merkel icily Putin promised long isolation. He hesitated and was looking for how to win this time … His goal is to weaken Kiev, hoping later to see the power team, more compliant to Russian interests and remote from the European Union. Most of all, he doesn’t want Ukraine joining NATO and receiving a weapon which could change the balance of power. Putin comes to call. After a few minutes he returned and reported that the separatists – the ones of which he spoke in the morning, they say, they do not know – agree” – said the French leader.

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