During the story politologa of worthy candidates wilted flower

Во время рассказа политолга о  достойных кандидатах  завял цветок

During the story politologa of “worthy candidates” wilted flower
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Photo: freeze frame video

The journalist posted a video with a comic moment during the interview.

Say, plants are able to hear and feel. In the Russian city of Kirov is a plant was definitely not yet died on the background stories of the scientist about the existence of “worthy candidates” for local elections of the Governor. Video posted journalist of newspaper “Point of view” Vladislav rat, which interviewed political analyst Mikhail Shevelev.

Seelow works as a Secretary of the party “Civic platform”, he told me that some participating in the primaries the candidates are worthy and respected people, actively praised a particular person. The flower that stood on the table behind Sheveleva, at this point, treacherously wilted in just a few seconds.

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