Dusseault denounces the “ridiculous” remarks of the Saudi ambassador

“If Canada is not going to defend human rights, who in the world is going to do it?”

Pierre-Luc Dusseault, Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke, jumped at the remarks made by the Saudi ambassador in Ottawa, calling on Canada to halt its efforts to free blogger Raif Badawi .

“These are inappropriate comments that have no place in this debate,” said the NDP member in an interview with La Tribune .

“The ambassador of Saudi Arabia should know more about the basic human rights that need to be respected. It is ridiculous to say such things. Human rights is a matter for all countries. Canada must sign and persist in this regard. He must not give up. ”

Recall that the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Canada asked the Trudeau government to stop meddling with the case of Raïf Badawi, whose wife and children live in Sherbrooke. Naif Bin Bandir Al-Sudairy wants the Trudeau government to respect the decisions of the courts of the Saudi kingdom. On Tuesday, at a rare press conference in Ottawa, he argued that the fate of the blogger was in the hands of Saudi justice.

Raïf Badawi has been imprisoned for more than five years in Saudi Arabia for writing statements that are too liberal to the taste of the regime.

Saudi Arabia is a signatory of treaties on human rights, notes Pierre-Luc Dusseault. “If there are rights of freedom of speech that are not respected in Russia, for example, Canada denounces them even if the Russian government tells us to interfere in our affairs,” he said.

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“And Canada is taking economic sanctions against this country.”

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the government of Justin Trudeau seems to put Canada’s economic interests ahead of human rights, deplores Pierre-Luc Dusseault. The Liberals hammer that they do not hesitate to press for the release of Mr. Badawi whenever the opportunity arises.

“I see it is not working,” said the member for Sherbrooke.

“Maybe the government is not lobbying at the right level. Business interests go before human rights with Saudi Arabia. ”

It was not possible to obtain the comments of Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau on Wednesday, the member for Compton-Stanstead being outside the country.