Dzhigarkhanyan was preparing for a wedding

Famous actor Armen Jigarkhanyan stated about the readiness to the wedding, on the eve told reporters. We are talking about the theatrical production of “the Wedding Krechinsky” which will be held in the same theatre of great cultural figure.


Dzhigarkhanyan has answered some questions of journalists, and it became clear that the role of the Director is a young and talented Andrey Krupnik. According to the artist, has “read to holes” the play of the current generation is able to make his vision that can make a huge statement for viewers.

It is also reported that Armen Dzhigarkhanyan no longer lives in the theater, but thanks to his comrades moved into a new apartment. The artist believes that in life there is a lot of things, but at any age a person can be naive and stupid. It’s about these life difficulties that occurred in the life of the protagonist, and is told in the play.