ECHR refused to reconsider the decision to pay compensation Yukos Russia

Previous decisions of judges regarding payment to shareholders of Yukos Moscow 1.866 billion euros final.
Panel of five judges of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the petition for review of an order of payment of compensation multibillion Russian oil group Yukos. This is stated in a press release the ECHR issued 16 December.

The judges approved by a majority vote that Moscow should pay Yukos shareholders and their legal heirs and successors 1,866 billion euros in compensation for losses from the liquidation of the company.

Russia for six months from the date of entry into force of Decree shall, together with the Committee of Ministers to submit a detailed plan for the distribution of benefits and compensation amount. According to the Resolution adopted on the eve of Moscow and to pay costs in the amount of 300 thousand euros to the International Fund Yukos.

The decision of the panel of judges to reject the petition of protest means that the decision of the ECHR for compensation Yukos is final.

As reported on July 28 Court of Arbitration in The Hague ordered Russia to pay former shareholders “Yukos” $ 50 billion.

Also, recall that the Stockholm arbitration in 2012 estimated the “Yukos” at the time of nationalization in more than $ 60 billion .

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