Ecology: Ségolène Royal wants to make France an exemplary country

royal-valls-hollande“We are gathered to make France an exemplary country home, fully committed to the success of the energy transition and for the protection and the restoration of biodiversity. Today opens a twelve-month sequence whose master word is the mobilization of all forces of the country, “said Ms Royal in the presence of a large part of government, including Laurent Fabius , Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Economy.

“To prevent our planet becomes uninhabitable”

Hubert Reeves, president of the association Humanity and Biodiversity, succeeded him to the podium to call for action in order to “prevent our planet becomes uninhabitable.” “We can no longer afford formal meetings, he has launched. We need a more combative and dynamic attitude, because we are in danger, and I’m worried about what kind of world my children and grandchildren will live in 30 or 40 years. ”

François Hollande would then make his speech, highly anticipated environmentalists who hope strong commitments of the government after a fall marked by the tragedy of Sivens and the decline of the environmental tax. “This year, we hope that the word of civil society will be heard as usual,” stressed before the meeting Benoît Hartmann, spokesman for France Nature Environnement (FNE), the associative network to which belonged the militant killed during clashes with security forces.

The government has opened a door to the environmental tax

“We are extremely cautious, as well scalded,” added Mr. Hartmann, recalling the suspension of the environmental tax that was heavyweights help finance transport infrastructure. Since the announcement of the withdrawal in early October, FNE and the Climate Action Network have left work meetings “sustainable transport and mobility” preparatory to the environmental conference, a round table they will continue to boycott the conference Thursday and Friday .dropoff window This week, the government has opened a door on the eco-tax, Francois Hollande proposing a “trial” of the device in Alsace-Lorraine.

“The suspension of Ecomouv is not the suspension of the principle of eco-tax and even less of the polluter pays principle,” assured Ms Royal for his part, opposed to a tax system that “punitive” judge, but which has also reactivate the “Committee for the ecological taxation.”

159 proposals on the table

After the speech of Mr. Holland, the participants – hundreds – plancheront in the camera of their three round tables on working documents amended until the last moment. They make 159 proposals of varying importance, pending the final adjudication of the government. Transport: encouraging carpooling or stimulate innovation (“make clean vehicle development a structuring axis of the industrial policy of France”). The working document also states that the State shall conceive “in 2015 an identification system for vehicles according to their emission” (to allow for example to create restricted areas in the city center, as there already in 200 cities in Europe).

Mobilize civil society

Health and environment: a “public information campaign on the known impacts” of pesticides. On nanomaterials, “the hazard evaluation” “will be continued.” Many proposals on health that lack ambition for NGOs. Climate, it will mobilize civil society labeling initiatives, media mobilization, etc. The proposals also talk about biodiversity reconquest. We are quite satisfied with the link made between climate and biodiversity protection “and nature in general, says Annick Delhaye, Vice-President of the PACA region. Who regrets however the” few guidelines in health crises climate “.

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