“Education in Poland believe my children first stage career in Europe” – journalist

WAnother journalist trip to Poland confirmed: changes began! At the Congress of the Eastern initiatives that took place recently in Lublin, met not only with the Poles, who presented the new European programs, but with a whole cohort of young Ukrainian intellectuals who were educated abroad and knowing several languages, feel comfortable in the Polish community.

Among the Ukraine were scientists (masters I e ellonskoho University), journalists (graduates of journalism from Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin) and public figures. And frankly surprised when she learned what our fellow citizens – graduates of Catholic University of Lublin – Lublin work in City Hall and generate interesting ideas for the development of the Polish town.

Poland is becoming more and more attractive Ukrainian youth. Students seeking to obtain a diploma European standard and therefore may find paying jobs. Children shared this post also chose his time studying in Poland: son – Rzeszow Academy, where he studied tourism and hospitality, daughter – akultet English and German Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Finally, Poland has become a son, whom he connects with his future daughter studying in Poland considers only step career in Europe.

Of course, education children are not acquired for free. Education for foreigners pay from 800 to 2,500 euros a year. The most expensive medical faculties – up to 9,000 euros per year. Separately spent on accommodation and food, comfortable hostel fee is 1500 USD. per month, costing as much food. Very pleased that Polish universities absolutely not take bribes, there is no and “cheer” student life that we associate with drinking. Students learn diligently and in addition to training, trying to find part-time jobs. Already the second year students are working Ukrainian waiters, sales assistants in supermarkets and private firms … I know those whom managed to organize their own business.

It is important to choose and adapt em at first. Our family was doing it yourself, by trial and error that often leads to stress and unnecessary material costs.

Therefore reasonably advise the suggestions of experts who know foreign education system and thence realities. As an option – use the services of the Polish-Ukrainian Center «Osvita.pl». Virtually every regional center is its regional offices (in Cherkasy you can get preliminary information about the center, tuition fees, possible profession by writing an e-mail osvita-pl@ukr.net ).

The center has formal agreements entered into with leading public and private institutions of higher education in Poland. Its representatives will help entrants not only been issued, to agree on an interview with the selection committee on Skype (if such a need), but also find shelter in Poland and adapt to a new country during the school year. Parents at any time be able to obtain information about their child who is studying abroad.

If you have the desire and financial capacity, not even hesitate! Education in Poland – a real chance to open Europe for their children.

The Stopru