Eight canadian diplomats in Cuba being treated for “unusual symptoms”

Photo: Yamil Lage Archives Agence France-Presse
The streets of Havana

Canada does not rule out that the “criminal acts” can be the origin of “unusual symptoms” that required medical care for eight family members of canadian diplomats stationed in Cuba, but has not yet drawn “no conclusion” about their origin.

Eight of the 27 canadian nationals from 10 families who had been subjected to medical tests, have been treated in Canada for symptoms such as nose bleeding, dizziness, loss of balance or insomnia, according to a top official of world Affairs.

Despite this curious situation, which has prompted three families to return to the country, the activities are continuing normally at the embassy of Canada in Havana, the canadian authorities have determined that their health and safety were not at stake, ” he said Wednesday.

Causes blurred

A survey conducted by the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) continues to try to determine what could cause these symptoms, because for the time being, nothing allows us to conclude with certainty that they arise out of” attack sound “, explained the senior official.


In fact, the canadian authorities are not able to confirm the existence of weapons of sound that could cause troubles to physical health, has reported this same government official could not be quoted because of the sensitivity of the issue.


The scenario of a possible “attack sound” has been mentioned a few months ago, so that employees of the U.s. embassy in Havana have claimed to have felt discomfort after hearing sounds of which they were unaware of the provenance.


But to the knowledge of canadian authorities, there is ” no weapon acoustic known “, and in the case of cuba, the theory of sound stems from the fact that the doctors have determined that the physical manifestations may be the result of acoustic trauma.


This is what was stated by the representative of global Affairs in Canada, who answered media questions for about an hour Wednesday morning in Ottawa, by specifying that the only diplomatic delegations affected would be those of Canada and the United States.


The director of the Laboratory of vibration analysis and acoustic (LAVA) of the polytechnic School, Annie Ross, abounds in the same direction, even if it notes that it is ” possible to generate discomfort and even diseases due to the acoustic environment “.

“I’m not aware of what’s out there in the army, except that from my point of view of a scientist, I can’t see how you could achieve results like those with the technological means that I know “, she noted in an interview.

No apparent danger

The official global Business has also stated that there was no reason to believe that canadian travellers may be exposed to risks in traveling to Cuba, no problem of the sort having been brought to the attention of the authorities until now.

He also pointed out that the cuban authorities and the u.s. worked closely with the canadian authorities to try to solve this strange case worthy of an espionage film or an album of Tintin — The calculus affair.


According to the Associated Press, investigators from the american federal police (FBI) said in a report dated January 4, have found no evidence that sound waves would have affected the health of Americans.


In an interview with the news agency, January 5, the us secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has said that Washington would “intentionally people in danger,” referring to his diplomats in Cuba.


He defended during the same interview the decision to repatriate most of the american personnel and their families in September and pointed out that it does raviserait not so much that the cuban government would not have provided assurance that they would be safe.