Ekaterina Andreeva said why it refused to conduct the program “Time”

First in January the program “Time” will celebrate its 50th anniversary. One of the most famous leaders of the program became Ekaterina Andreeva. However, the very leading in his interview explained why three years in a row refused such a serious post.


Early in his career, already so familiar to all of us presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, was a simple news editor. However, the arrival to the position of leading was not quite standard and predictable. As told by Catherine herself before you come on Time, she led the program “news”. Budenovsky after the attack in 1995 was launched the urgent program “Time” and the “news”. However, the presenter of “Time” has not arrived and one of the editors-in-chief who knows Andreev still with her work as a speaker proposed the candidacy of Catherine as the leading. Itself leading says left her “like a kitten in the water” and all the air she had to struggle with fear and a lump in my throat.

After the official proposal of the editorial Board of the post of leading the program “Time” Ekaterina was refused and another three long years remained the leading “News”. However, later she decided to come to the editor of “Time” and convinced himself that it’s her, took the post of the presenter, and it remains to this day.