Elections to the Congress of the United States: Facebook has removed more than a hundred suspicious accounts

Выборы в Конгресс США: Facebook удалил еще более ста подозрительных аккаунтов

On the eve of the midterm elections in the US, Facebook has blocked about 115 user accounts, which, in the opinion of the authorities, may be associated with foreign countries. This is stated in the statement of the head of the cyber security policy of the company of Nathaniel Gleicher.

In particular, in the framework of the fight against intervention in the elections was blocked 30 85 Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts, which is supposed to be used for “coordinated misconduct”.

“We immediately blocked those accounts and now studying them in more detail,” said Gleicher.

The head of cybersecurity policy, said: “Almost all pages on Facebook related to these accounts appear in French or Russian, while the Instagram account, it seems, were mostly in English – some were focused on celebrities, others in political debate.”

Gleicher added that the company typically refrains from the publication of premature conclusions, but now a special case, since midterm elections in the United States is not far off.

“As soon as we know more, including whether these accounts with Russian research of the Internet agencies or other foreign organizations, we will update this post” – he concluded.

By the way, to check now the blocked accounts to the leadership of the social network asked the FBI and US police, who noticed suspicious activity.

Earlier, Facebook has removed the fake account 82 from Iran, engaged in disinformation.

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