Electoral map: the Chief Electoral Officer is open to consultations if the law permits

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Pierre Reid, is open to new public consultations on the electoral map.

Mr. Reid said on Tuesday that parliamentarians should amend the Elections Act to allow it.

The Chief Electoral Officer received in his office the deputy of Quebec solidaire (QS) Manon Massé, who challenges the plan to redesign the map. This second version would remove his riding of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques, in Montreal.

Before the representatives of the parliamentary press, Mrs. Massé handed Mr. Reid a petition signed by 14,000 people calling for additional public consultations.

The member went on to explain that she wants to introduce a bill that would allow the Chief Electoral Officer to extend his procedure, which would otherwise have to be concluded in 10 days.

QS on Tuesday wrote a notice entitled “An Act Respecting the Suspension of the Electoral Boundaries Process”.

In a brief exchange with journalists, Mr. Reid explained that he had received 2,000 comments expressing dissatisfaction with his project, which would also eliminate a riding in Mauricie.

“Every time there is an overhaul, there are situations where there are discontent, say that we have received nearly 2000 so far,” he said.

Mr. Reid, who chairs the Independent Electoral Representation Commission (ERC), said he will analyze the comments without bias.

“We are based on the criteria that the law gives us and I repeat, for the hearings, I heard, the commission is open, but for that we must amend the law,” he said.

Last week, Mr. Reid said that the legal deadlines, which would allow consultations on his last draft, had expired.

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