Eleider Alvarez is lost in the mist

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But where is Eleider Alvarez? As it happens to him sometimes after his fights, the boxer has disappeared in the nature. It is simply not found.

It is not presented to the rendezvous with the journalist of TVA Sports Nancy Audet, Wednesday.

“It only happens after the fighting. This is not someone who expresses a lot. It has a tendency to keep everything inside. As it happens only a week or two after his fights, I don’t case,” said its director, Stéphane Lépine, in an interview with TVA Sports.

During these periods, Alvarez does not respond not even to the calls of his best friend : the boxer Oscar Rivas.

“He does not answer me not even. But I saw him yesterday. I know that he is still alive, he launched. He just wants to be in her own bubble.”

The game plan

It seems clear that Alvarez digests poorly his bitter defeat suffered against Sergey Kovalev on 2 February in Frisco, Texas.

With his team he has, however, taken the time to make the point. Here is the game plan that has been concocted.

“It all goes back to training as quickly as possible. He’s going to leave this weekend for a week in Colombia. It will then return to coaching and he wants a fight as soon as possible to show people who he really is,” detailed the manager.

The goal is to get a world championship fight by the end of the year. The name of Oleksandr Gvozdyk often comes up in discussions.

“We already had plans with Gvozdyk for the fall, so I am hopeful that we will have a call of the clan Gvozdyk if we make a good performance in the spring,” said Lépine.

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