Elena Temnikova said that childbirth almost lost his daughter

In a column for the magazine Hello Elena Temnikova, told the unknown truth about myself. The singer admitted that he almost lost the baby during childbirth.


In a new interview for fashion publications Elena Temnikova told what we don’t know her fans. The singer openly spoke about her fears: she is afraid of insects and still nervous before performances. But a confession Elena Temnikova was very intimate. The singer admitted that he concealed for several years about hard labor. At one point doctors hesitated and Elena almost lost the baby. According to Temnikovo, she only recently fully realized what it could cost the slowness of physicians. The singer did not want even to think about the situation, but very glad that everything worked out.

Recall that in the spring of 2015 Elena Temnikova gave birth to a daughter Alexandra. Now she regularly posts photos and videos of the baby to Instagram.